Repurposed colored pages

How do you deal with stress? When you’re overwhelmed with worries and responsibilities, what do you do or who do you turn to?  Do you call a friend?  Do you talk to your closest family member?  Do you turn to social media?  Well, it’s usually none of the above for me.  I tend to deal with it on my own knowing everyone is going through something we know nothing about.  When I feel I’m losing it,  I color.

Turning to a coloring activity to clear my head only started about three years ago when I got these anti-stress coloring books from friends.   They probably sensed I needed something like this to help me keep it together and they were right.   When the finished pages started to accumulate,  I started wondering what to do with them.

There are probably hundreds of creative ideas online on how you can repurpose your finished coloring pages.   These two ideas of mine just popped  in my head  when I thought on how I could use them at home.

With the big book I have, the size is 20 x 25 cm.  Here’s what I did with some of the finished pages:

I laminated them!  We now use them as placemats or coasters for our kitchen counter/ mini bar:

The second book is a lot smaller.  The pages would actually look nice as drink coasters.  The size is just right for it’s 12.5 x 17.5cm.

I was staring at the pages when it hit me.  We have extra picture frames which we bought from Ikea two years ago that are just laying around somewhere.  Why not frame them? Well, that’s exactly what I did.

Our hallway walls have been quite empty since we moved in to this aparment three years ago.  One part is now decorated a bit, thanks to these framed colored pages.

Till next post, whenever that will be. 🙂


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2 Responses to Repurposed colored pages

  1. Kit Dunsmore says:

    Great ideas! You get the double pleasure of being able to enjoy your colored pages.

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