My name is Marielle.  Marialeila is a name I like because it sort of fuses my name and my mom’s.  Her name was Lilia.  She passed away when I was fifteen.

This blog is all about what I’ve been up to with my three loves;  travel, food,  and sewing my own clothes.   If I’d be lucky enough to reach my twilight years and would be too lazy to do anything,  I’ll just be scrolling these pages up and down to remind myself of the glorious past. 🙂

Email me at:  marialeila@yahoo.com

5 Responses to About

  1. Nedoux says:

    Hello Marialeila,

    I am pleased to meet you and glad that I found your blog. I enjoy DIY sewing too 🙂

  2. Lisa says:

    SO PRETTY GIRL!!! Thanks very much! Marielle, I love you so much for sewing such pretty clothes, I always dream that I become a creative and fashional sewer, then I will enjoy dressing clothes sewed by myself.

    I will have a lot of disposable time. I do admit that I’m a beginner, but I love sewing very much, and I often find some tutors about clothes design by Internet such as http://www.wikihow.com/Design-Clothes , http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Quilt for quilting.

    At beginning, I used an old manual sewing machine, and then I have troubles on how to use it effectively and comfortably . Some day ago, an old sewer gave me an advice that I should have a user-friendly computerized sewing machine.

    But how to choose a suitable machine troubled me again, and then worked hard for several hours on google, so I finally find a clear comparison chart among all kinds of sewing machines on the site http://www.bestsewingmachinereviewspro.com and select one which is best for me.

    It is very helpful to me, and I am happy to share my trouble of growing up to a fashional sewer.

    Thanks again for Marielle! We all love your cute forever!

  3. fleuriza says:

    good luck Yen. My best of interest to try sewing one little black dress for me if not a simple wedding dress for possibility of wedding bells. Who knows. shall we say, monique lhuiller in making. kodus:) my love and moral support. Btw, do Alish had an inkling how good as photographer he is? Best shots:)

    • marialeila says:

      aww thank you, flo! i’m just trying to be productive in my free time and i appreciate the support. i’m sure the bells will ring again for you and when that happens, you bet i’ll be ready with my sewing machine hehe…adi doesn’t know but i’ll tell him you said so. 🙂

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