Autumn in Prague

I just realized I write about other European cities but I hardly post about my home,  my Prague.   It’s ironic because Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe or maybe even in the whole world.   I can only say this is probably a classic case of ignoring what we already have.

Autumn in Prague is beyond words.  Rain or shine, the city is beautiful in its different hues of brown, red, green, yellow and orange.  I love it especially when the sky is clear,  when its shade of blue highlights the above mentioned autumn hues.  The crisp air also adds to the already dramatic scene.   With your long trench coat blowing in the wind while the leaves fall around you,  you can pretend to be the star in your own drama.  Then again you are the star in your own show.  The only question is what genre it’s currently playing.  Oh, I’m digressing as always.

Prague is not just castles and narrow cobbled streets.  Some of my favorite things about  it are the parks and gardens in just about everywhere in the city.  It’s common for you to be walking on a busy street then suddenly finds yourself  surrounded with nothing but trees.  Living in Prague is like living in the middle of everything.  You have the castles, chateaus, cobblestones and the daily grind of city living on one hand,  the tranquility of nature on the other.

My husband and I took these photos during our walks around places less visited by tourists.  Above photos were taken just two days ago while the ones below, taken at a botanical garden, are about two weeks old.

This botanical garden is in the center, accessible with metro, buses and trams.  I like coming here because it’s not overwhelmingly big like the one in Troja. It’s also here where I see the plants of my childhood. It’s so sad I don’t see a lot of these plants in the town I grew up anymore.  The Philippines and a lot of its people ( not everyone but a lot of them), should really stop depleting their natural resources.

When I look at these photos I am in awe at how beautiful nature is and how Prague is still able to maintain its environmental sustainability to this date.  I just hope it will remain as is for a very long time.


Letohrádek Hvězda

Botanická Zahrada Přírodovědecké fakulty Univerzity Karlovy v Praze



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