Romper makeover

Just dropping by here to talk about this romper I bought from Zara last year that badly needed a makeover. I don’t know what I was thinking buying it without trying it on first. I also forgot about it for a year until recently when I started decluttering our closet again. I declutter once or twice a year.

When I finally tried it on, I realized I couldn’t wear it out because it just looked ridiculous. Heck, I wouldn’t even wear it at home because the fit was just bad specially at the crotch. My husband mostly just lets me be with whatever clothes I choose to wear but this time he made comments like “You would scare the kids with that outfit” or “Everything about that is awful.” That was my cue to save this romper from ending up in a landfill.

I thought at first of just adding pockets and maybe that would add some joie de vivre to this otherwise sad existence of a romper, but that won’t solve the crotch part. To be honest, it takes more than just adding pockets to save it from being banished to total oblivion. So I cut it in half and the rest is history.

I hemmed the top and turned the bottom into shorts by adding white elastic and of course, pockets. I mean, what are shorts or rompers or pants without pockets? How can I live without them when I need them for my hand sanitizer and extra respirator (still in plastic cover, of course) all the time these days?

Anyhow, I managed to salvage this piece. And instead of one piece, I now have two pieces of this once upon a time ill-fitting and unflattering romper.

Till next post!


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