DIY: Handmade flower from ruffle fabric

I wanted to make this flower right after I finished sewing my first DIY skirt.  I had a bit of fabric left so I wanted to turn it into an accessory, but pulling myself out of winter malaise to actually do something is the biggest challenge of them all.

Maybe it was the quick presence of the sun yesterday that finally made me do it.  Too bad it didn’t stay long.  I could have been more productive.  Oh spring, please come soon!

This flower took a really short time to make.  I only got stuck at the part when I put the clip behind.  I didn’t have any felt fabric for the base or a glue gun to make it stick.  I solved the problem by hand-sewing it on the flower.


It’s as easy as it looks.  I did a running stitch in the middle of the fabric as shown on the first and second photos above.  I left several inches of thread on both ends as they will be tied together to make a circle.

As shown on the fourth photo, push the fabric together once you’re done stitching then tie the threads together to form a loop.  You might have to sew the ends  like I did to make sure they are completely tied together.

And there’s my flower but which side to use?

019This side?  Or the other?


The second one won because I couldn’t resist the contrast of black and gray.   Now I have something to accessorize my winter look.  It’s nice to clip this flower on a scarf or maybe I can even sew a pin on the back so I can also put this on my coat.


Better yet, why not clip it on my bag? Ah, the possibilities are endless.

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2 Responses to DIY: Handmade flower from ruffle fabric

  1. Dawn says:

    Very artistic si manash!!!!

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