Unisex boxer shorts with pockets

Back of shorts with one pocket.

Back of shorts with one pocket.

Last Wednesday my husband had parathyroid surgery.  It wasn’t a major operation but the thought of general anesthesia and having his throat slit really scared the living daylights out of me. I was with him at the hospital pre surgery but the nurse told me to go home and come back later in the afternoon.  I meant to camp outside the operating room but maybe it was a good idea I didn’t.  What we thought would be an hour surgery went on for almost three hours.  I would have been a complete wreck waiting for the operating room to open.  Sometimes it’s really best not to know what’s going on.

So I went home and went straight to my sewing machine to de-stress.  I decided to make my husband another pair of boxer shorts.  It’s similar to the first one I made him except this time I wanted to add front and back pockets.  I got the pattern as well as the idea from this awesome website.

The steps are pretty similar to the DIY: Unisex boxer shorts I posted before except for a few things:


One –  I adjusted the size by adding 4cm length and 3 cm width and instead of two pieces, I  cut four pieces  of fabric with two in reverse.

002Two –  with the pockets to add, I cut two for the front and one for the back.  Then I stitched two of the big pieces together by doing a flat-felled seam as shown on the photo above with the arrows as guide where I started and ended my seam.

004005Three – I pressed the seams of the front pockets and top-stitched the opening.  Same for the back pocket.  As shown on the photo above, I pinned them on the front of the shorts, right sides facing and stitched the sides emphasized by the arrows. (Yes, I like assembling the fabric on the floor. 🙂 )

And that’s it, the rest of the steps are the same.  Do check out the DIY post here for a step by step guide.

016So after three days at the hospital my husband finally got discharged.  It was also his name day yesterday, perfect time to give him these shorts as well as a box of chocolates for presents.  The surgery returned his calcium count to normal.  I’m just so happy he’s home and healthy, and seems to be enjoying his new pair of boxers!  Here he is modelling them:

Front (which I messed up a bit by accidentally nipping the fabric with the tip of my scissors but fixed it with a zigzag stitch) :




Thank you, the universe, the Highest Power, for the simple things that matter– such as boxer shorts and the one that wears them.

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