DIY: Handmade flower headband/ brooch

I was looking for an idea  for something that will coordinate the little kids’ “look” for their year-end presentation at school.  They had to wear light green shirts for boys or dresses for girls but I knew the color would be interpreted in different shades hence that little something to harmonize them.  Then I saw a bunch of yellow felt fabric at Tesco and got immediately inspired to make flower headbands and brooches.

Materials needed:

  • felt fabric
  • glue gun
  • pen
  • elastic
  • safety pins
  • sewing essentials

Here are the easy steps in a series of self-explanatory photos:

1.  001

2.  002

3.  005

4.  004

5.  009

6.  010

7.  For the headbands, this next step is the only sewing needed:   011

8.  012

And you’re done!  Up to you how many flowers you want to glue on the elastic.  I only put two.    Here are the cute headbands for six cute little girls:


I made brooches for the boys so instead of gluing the flower to the elastic, just glue a safety-pin on the back as shown below:


 The fruits, or should I say, flowers of my labor?  I made them all in less than two hours:


The kids loved them and they looked so adorable in them!  I thought the boys would say their brooches were so girly but they actually said they’re nice.  Oh well, boys don’t really make a fuss about anything unless you give them something in pink.

Catch you all later.  Busy, busy last week of school ahead then it will be H-O-L-I-D-A-Y for me!

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