Yesterday in Prague

Da Emanuel

As part of my birthday weekend, my husband took me to Da Emanuel yesterday for lunch. It’s an Italian restaurant owned by Czech celebrity chef Emanuel Ridi.  Apparently, my mother in law watches his TV show which made my husband curious about his restaurant.  I’m glad for hubby’s curiosity for we’ve found a new gastronomic hangout in this city I now call home.








Great food, cozy ambience and the best tiramisu ever!  What really stood out for me was the service.  In this city where customer service  is translated to impatience or rudeness by the service staff,  Da Emanuel resorts to the old and tested practice of waiting tables.  And for that, we shall be back.

Staré Město (Old Town)

Prague’s Old Town can win any beauty contest anytime but I tend to avoid it like the plague at Christmastime.  Tourists all over the world descend here for their piece of holiday cheer.  Great if you love to be in crowded places, bad if you’re like me whose one idea of happiness is having her own personal space.





I must say it felt good to be there for a few minutes.  Christmas was felt in those earnest faces.  Hopefully, it is also felt in their hearts… and in yours.


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