Gathered skirt

Thank goodness January is over.  I may sound such an ingrate saying that but the first month of the year is always a tough one to deal with for me.  It’s like having one foot out of the door ready to explore while the other one is stuck inside, unwilling to brave the unknown all over again.  Not seeing the sun for weeks makes it even harder.  Then again, winter often brings out the uncertainty in everyone.

So it’s February, a  month closer to spring.  To kick off this month,  I decided to sew this skirt from a fabric that I bought last year in the Philippines for less than €1 per meter.  That’s one of the perks of sewing your own clothes.  You get to wear something pretty without spending much. That and the fact that I can trot around knowing I’m the only one in the whole Europe (if not the world) who has a skirt like this one.

It’s a bright and perky piece, in complete contrast to  the dead of the winter outside.  Wearing it at this time of the year might make me stick out like a parrot in a sea of ravens, but it’s nice to break sartorial rules now and then, one gathered skirt at a time.

031 (2)









Forgive the creases.  Normally I couldn’t function well if the clothes I’m wearing scream loud for an iron, but today I’m just so excited to wear this skirt straight from my sewing machine for a very quick photo shoot outside.  It’s a rare sunny day but don’t be fooled, it‘s still a chilly 3°C.  I had a thick and fluffy jacket that I ditched everytime my husband took a photo of me.

Forgive also the not so blind hem that is obvious at a closer look.  The fabric is a bit slippery that it kept messing up with my hem guide. But all in all, I’m happy at how this little project turned out.  Orange is still not my favorite color but this skirt makes me think that it’s not so bad after all.


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  1. Love your skirt! And I totally agree with your feelings towards January! It’s a tricky month. Please take a look and follow my style blog 🙂

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