Kimono wrap

I got this old shirt of my husband’s from my mother in law when she was cleaning their closet for things to donate to the charity bazaar I was organizing a couple of years ago.  I fell in love with the fabric so I decided to  keep it, wanting to give it a make over one day.  That day finally arrived last weekend when I realized it would make a cute kimono wrap.

Here’s how:


  1. Get rid of the pocket by using your ripper.
  2. Cut the front seams along the line to get rid of the buttons and buttonholes, going up to also get rid of the collar.
  3. Cut the sleeves to your preferred length.  I cut mine just around the wrists.
  4. Shorten the shirt.
  5. Sew seams and you’re done!


The fun part is –  there are so many ways to wear this wrap!  Such as:

  1.  Accessorize it with a belt to give it a nice shape.
  2. I thought of shirring the  sleeves for a nice detail  but decided against it because on chilly days it would be great to just  leave them hanging loose.  So instead, let some hair clips do the job.  Just gather the sleeves up and clip them in place.  Details achieved!
  3. All hail the power of a hair clip! You can use one to pin the front in place if you don’t want your kimono to flap especially when you’re on the move.
  4. Or just keep it casual by knotting the ends.








Next time you see an old pair of  shirt sitting in your closet, think twice before getting rid of it.  If there’s a life lesson  in Cinderella, it’s that rags can be transformed into a ball gown.


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