Fabulously Floe

I made a Laurel for my friend Floe as a gift on her birthday which she celebrated in Slovenia with us almost two months ago.  I only had one afternoon to finish it before our flight the next day. The days prior were hectic from tons of paperwork due at school and good friends visiting from New Zealand.

The game plan was sewing first in the afternoon straight from work then tackle the serious business of packing, which I had not started yet, in the evening.  Some would say it’s only packing for a trip, why need the entire evening for that? If you know me well,  you don’t need an explanation why I require a massive amount of time and energy for packing.  You’ll just roll your eyes and surrender to your fate of having me in your world.

So the dress.   It had such a bad timing getting possessed.  The gathers were all over the place.  I played an annoying game of basting and ripping sleeves for over two hours! Finally, at around 8:30pm, the mischievous spirit got bored and left and I won the battle by default.  At least the rewards are sweet, such as seeing how the Laurel fits Floe perfectly.  All is well that ends in someone looking fabulous in a shift dress.



DSC_0068 (2)


DSC_0037 (2)

DSC_0035 (3)

DSC_0039 (3)


I chose this fabric for Floe because she loves (almost) everything pink.  Of course the bias tape had to be pink as well.  I thought of  lengthening the dress a bit more but she insisted on this particular length.  Turns out she’s right.  The combination of the length and floral prints makes a really summery dress.

All thanks to her for gamely posing under the stifling  30+°C summer sun.  We started taking photos at 10 yesterday morning at Wenceslas Square.  Half an hour later past Parizska St, we were already wilting from the heat. Photoshoot was then declared over.  Time to cool off at Modry Zub-Spalena.  Their phad thai and phad gra pao badly needed to redeem themselves from less stellar performance at Smichov branch.

This is how it is with me and my friends.  No matter what we do we always, always end up spending more time with food.  Then again, everything great in life, like fashion and friendship, is best celebrated with great food.  Say it is so.

Model:  Floe (rhymes with Chloe)

Dress: Colette Laurel by yours truly

Location:  Wenceslas Square and Old Town, Prague, Czech Republic


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6 Responses to Fabulously Floe

  1. This looks so light and comfortable!

  2. chuichoy says:

    How sweet that you made it for a friend! The print is so pretty and I have to agree with Floe, that length looks perfect for a summer dress. How do you do make clothes for a friend? Do you have to take her measurements or kind of eyeball it? Can’t believe you planned to and made it in one night!

    • marialeila says:

      Thanks! Yes, I took measurements and also had her try the basted front and back parts for me to know the exact back seam allowance. I can’t believe it, either. I’ll never sew something, especially a dress with sleeves, in one night ever again! That was just so crazy!

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