Anniversary OOTD

Yesterday was our wedding anniversary. We were supposed to be in Budapest for the long weekend to celebrate (today is a national holiday here in the Czech Republic) but I started feeling not too good last Thursday. We had to cancel the trip the last minute. Good thing the hotel we were booked cancelled our reservation without charging us anything.

I felt a bit better yesterday so husband and me took the train to Dresden for a day trip.  I was looking for something comfy to wear during the trip when I saw this dress on  timeout in the corner of my closet.  I wore it a few times before at work but I’m  not a fan of its length.  Knee-length dresses don’t look good on me unless I wear them with high heels. Blame it on my 158 cm height.  Also in Europe, your key to survive the day is to wear flats. Otherwise good luck catching the trams, buses or trains through cobbled streets  and metal tracks in your fancy heels.

The dress makeover only took a few minutes.  I just shortened the length by several centimeters.  The lining is a light stretch fabric and didn’t really require hemming but I did it anyway.  The dotted fabric is very fine (I have no idea how it’s called) so I burned the edges with a candle to prevent fraying before going to my machine to stitch the hem.  Et voila, my ootd was ready!



DSC_0048 (2)


DSC_0071 (2)

20150927_143557 (2)

Location:  Blockhaus, Augustusbrucke and Zwinger Palace

Dresden, Germany


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3 Responses to Anniversary OOTD

  1. sewloveable says:

    Happy belated Anniversary!!!

  2. What a beautiful place!

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