Saiph Tunic

I’m back!

If I were in a romantic relationship with my blog,  I would have been dumped long ago  due to my MIA tendencies. Its reason for dumping me would be that I didn’t find it interesting enough that’s why I neglected it for months.  I, as the obvious culprit, would try to go my way around without admitting anything and would have said something lame like “ It’s not you, honey bun.  It’s me.”

Well, yeah , it’s me. The last couple of months were a rollercoaster ride of stressful events. I just couldn’t bring myself to sit down and write.  If I remember correctly, the process of buying an apartment in Prague wasn’t so stressful nine years ago.  For no reason other than the universe conspiring to teach us a still unknown lesson, buying apartment number two is such a major headache.  The headache is dulling now, thank goodness, but the thought of moving and the process it entails makes my head throb all over again.

I’m not here to rant though.  I’m resurrected from months of  online semi demise to rave about this tunic I’ve recently finished sewing.   It’s comfortable, feminine, and with just the right amount of frills – totally my style.

DSC_0034 (2)

20160402_163138 (2)

This babe is from Papercut Patterns. I consider it as my birthday present because I found its existence on my birthday last December after months of scouring the net high and low for a pattern like this. Weird how I didn’t see it before since I’m not new to Papercut Patterns’ designs.  Maybe it’s just a classic case of finding things the moment you’re not looking for them.

Just like my ever favorite Flutter tunic, this pattern is easy to follow.  I read many stories about how the hem frill is quite short so I added 5 cm to it.  I also added 6 cm to the bodice but it turned out unnecessary.  In the end I had to chuck out 10 cm off the bodice for me not to look like I just borrowed someone’s sleepwear.  Next time though, I think I’ll follow the measurements.  Longer bodice and shorter hem frill might also work just fine for me.

DSC_0116 (2)

DSC_0122 (2)

My only minor complaint about this pattern is it’s quite loose on the bodice.  The shoulders and sleeves fit perfectly but I feel like another person will fit in the waist. It can actually look unflattering in some angles like I was four months preggers or just gobbled the entire dinner table. I don’t know how to fix it for future projects as this was already cut in size XXS.  Maybe add back darts? But that would just skew the flow, right? Or maybe it’s just my body shape.  I do resemble a pregnant stick sometimes.

All in all I’m very happy with this tunic.  It’s classy and gives out a 60’s vibe.  It’s also fun to style as you can dress up or dress down with it depending on your shoes and accessories.  Here in Prague it’s ridiculous to be out walking in heels in those cobblestones so flats it will be for Saiph and I.

DSC_0127 (3)

DSC_0136 (2)


Pattern:  Saiph Tunic by Papercut Patterns

Fabric used: Rayon


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4 Responses to Saiph Tunic

  1. TaranTula says:

    Welcome back. Lovely dress.

  2. This is a beautiful piece! I’m not sure how to fix the fit problem (although your photos are lovely and you can’t tell that it’s too big at all!) but maybe just slimming the sides down would be best.

  3. sileas says:

    Great pics, love the minimalist style. The dress fits you perfectly!

  4. chuichoy says:

    Welcome back! It looks elegant and love the poses in the photos. Would it work to just try to do a little shaping through the side seams?

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