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Traditional Czech Christmas cookies: Vanilkové Rohlíčky

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So it will be Christmas soon again.  My husband and I started our Christmas baking early this year.  Unlike each year before when we always started with Linzer cookies, this time our first batch is called Vanilkové Rohlíčky which roughly … Continue reading

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Baked apple dumplings/ mini strudels

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I call them mini strudels because they taste almost like the traditional Czech pastry.  While the latter has a much more complicated recipe/ingredients for the dough, this one is, by far, the easiest dough I have ever made from scratch.  And … Continue reading

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Traditional Czech Christmas cookies: Linecké

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Linecké or Linzer cookies are traditionally baked for Christmas by the Czechs.  Among all kinds of Czech Christmas cookies, this one is my favorite with the gingerbread a close second. Before I moved to the Czech Republic, I thought of … Continue reading

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Apple Cake

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I bake when I’m stressed.  And these days just reading the news about my beloved Visayas region in the Philippines makes me go whip up something in the kitchen to drive the stress and frustrations away.  But let’s not get … Continue reading

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Banana- red currant cake

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These days I’m mostly in the kitchen whipping up new recipes out of fresh fruits and vegetables from my parents in laws’ garden.  We often visit them in their summer-house and each time we come back to Prague we always … Continue reading

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Healthy raspberry- blueberry cake

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Is there such a thing as healthy cake?  Yes, I’d like to believe so when we don’t load it with too much sugar or butter, or when we use healthy substitutes for common ingredients like the ever-present all-purpose flour.  In … Continue reading

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Banana bread with dark chocolates

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I know one might think there are already thousands of banana bread recipes existing online so why bother to come up with another one?  It’s because when I bake I usually don’t measure the ingredients and it’s a pain trying … Continue reading

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