A dessert without a name


Here’s one sweet treat I came up with which badly needs a name.  Few people have already asked me what it’s called and I brilliantly replied ” uhm, a dessert?”

You can say it’s a distant cousin of the Filipino dessert called “mango float” or the popular Italian tiramisu, but “mango float’s distant cousin” hardly sounds appetizing and “pseudo tiramisu” sounds like you’re  about to be sweetly conned so yeah, someone please help me give it a name.

Ingredients (to fit in an approximately 17x12x5 cm food container):


  • 1 1/2 packs Graham crackers or chocolate Bebe biscuits if you live in CZ
  • 375 g sour cream (14 % fat)
  • powdered sugar


1.  Mix powdered sugar and sour cream together.  How much sugar would depend on how sweet you’d want it to be.


2.  Layer biscuits and cream as shown on the photos below.




3.  Crush a few of the biscuits and sprinkle on top for a finishing touch.  Refrigerate for at least four hours.  Best to chill it overnight.


4.  Slice and serve.  Dobrou chut‘!


My husband is capable of eating the whole thing in one sitting so I instructed him in the morning before I went to work to take a photo of one slice on a plate.  First and last photos are credited to him.  Not bad but I wish there was one which showed the layered sides. Just me and my obsession to details, is what I’m saying.

Oh well, I guess I just have to make it again.  🙂

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