DIY: Sleeveless top in five easy steps




I managed to squeeze making this cute little sleeveless top the other day from the leftover fabric of the summer dress I’ve sewn last year in between exchanging messages with my sister  in the Philippines about our new Facebook page (which I’d be blogging about soon). It’s so easy to make.  I was done in no time.

Here’s how:


Get a favorite tank top.  Lay it down on a folded fabric with wrong sides touching.  Trace it around with a 2-centimeter seam allowance from shoulder to  armhole,  twice more the allowance on the sides if you want an easy, free-flowing top like I did.  Cut through the second piece of fabric.


Fold each piece in half to see if the scoop necklines are proportional.  You might have to cut the other neckline more to distinguish which side is the front.


Work on the seam and hem with the help of pins and an iron.  I always iron them flat before sticking the pins.  This makes the next step, stitching, a breeze.


Attach the shoulders  with a centimeter allowance.  Stitch together then do the flat-felled seam for a clean finish.

Finally, stitch the sides together.  I ended the stitch right by my waistline to give it a breezy look.

There you go – one summer top to go wherever, whenever!






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