Forggensee, Alpsee and Calliope

This post is the final installment of my Bavaria travel trilogy.  I just have to pay homage to a couple of lakes that add more beauty to this dreamlike side of Germany before I stop gushing about this place.

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One of my favorites is Forggensee.  I like it mostly for its layered character.  No corners of this lake are the same.   The more you explore it, the more you realize it’s filled with the good, the bad, and some interesting things in between.




Take a day or at least half a day driving around the lake for you to see its many faces. There are many parking areas along the road if you want to stop by to check out the view. I’m not very sure about the exact location of the above photos because we were driving sans GPS that day.  My best shot is this was taken near Rosshaupten.




A few kilometers south of Rosshaupten with the lake to your left,  you’ll see this area filled with sunbathers on a warm day.   I love how the sailboats adorned the already picture- perfect setting.  The right side of this beach, in a cove, is for nudists or naturists, whichever way you want to call them as I always get confused if there’s a difference between the two or if the latter is just a matter of being politically correct.

Just a reminder to those mosquito magnets like me –  bring a repellant or wear pants if you explore Forggensee at dusk.  One little sucker still managed to fatten itself up, thanks to my blood, sweet blood.  That bite itched for a couple of days.


131Alpsee is right next to the village of Hohenschwangau.  I’ve never seen a lake with crystal-clear waters like this one.  It reminded me of the beaches in the Philippines in which you can see your  toes in perfect details when you go in for a swim.  Yes,  that’s my requirement for going in the water.  No toes and I’m out.

137142Despite the blistering temperature that day, the water looked cold.  I later read Lake Alpsee has the coldest water in all the lakes in Bavaria.  I wonder if that’s true but if it is, I would still give it 10 points for beauty and a faint boo for the water temperature.


Completely detouring from Bavaria and its lakes,  I’ll have to mention Calliope.  It’s the brand of this romper I had on that day.  I thought I had to be held at gunpoint before I would even consider wearing a romper but this one took all my prejudices away.  It’s just so pretty and comfortable (until you need to go to the bathroom)  that I bought one for myself while shopping for our  Facebook page.

So yeah, I’m shamelessly plugging.  Do visit and like us at House of U when you can.

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Travelled August 6-9, 2014

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