Czech summer: Fishing at Berounka


Berounka is a river here in the Czech Republic that’s popular for canoeists.  My husband goes here quite often in summer and in early fall not for canoeing but for fishing. Sometimes I would tag along with a blanket and a book as there are nice places for picnic along this river especially near Karlstejn and this little village called Srbsko.

Here are some photos I took last Thursday.  I noticed some of the leaves were already turning yellow, a sign that fall is about to say hello.  Sigh. Summer days are gone too soon.



Touch-me-not plants (Balsamina) grow here wildly. I patiently waited to take a photo of one bumble bee but it was too fast, too busy.   It kept on flying off to another flower before I could take a snap.




There was a book I read when I was a kid.  The protagonists were watching a bee buzz from one flower to another.  The girl commented that it’s such a great life for the bee.  The boy replied that’s from the bee’s perspective.  From the flower’s – well – it gets bee after bee after bee.  🙂



Rock climbing is also getting popular here along with cycling.  And if the fish wont bite, well then, you can always beat the squirrels to harvesting their prized hazelnuts growing along the river bank.


To get here from Prague by car, head to Karlstejn then drive just a bit further to the village of Srbsko.  By train, take the CityElefant from Prague main station to Srbsko.



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