Zvíkov Castle

To pick up from my last post, let’s drive about 20 kilometers down Southern Bohemia to one of the prettiest castles in the country – Zvíkov.


Zvikov Castle sits between Vltava and Otava rivers in South Bohemia, Czech Republic. Photo Credit: Wikipedia

It’s quite unbelievable how this castle managed to be off my radar for almost 10 years.  I mean, look at the photo above.  It’s something people would be raving about and yet nobody ever mentioned it to me until we were on our way to Orlík and my husband showed it to me on the map.




We got here at around 4pm on a Saturday.  Most of the few people around were by the water just taking in the peacefulness of the place.  If only Prague was just a couple of kilometers away, I would hang out here often.  Then again, this place wouldn’t be the same if the horde of tourists from the capital city would descend here every possible minute.


I think it’s best to drive here from Prague as the train or bus might make you miss out a lot of eye candies between this castle and Orlík nad Vltavou chateau.  Such as the very impressive view of/ from Žďákovský Most.





It’s been raining here in Prague since last night and the weather forecast for this weekend doesn’t hold much excitement. Summer’s really coming to an end.  I hate to see it go but at least we were given this day in Southern Bohemia to discover something new and something memorable to tuck in our heart of hearts,  looking back at it from time to time.



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