Karlovy Vary

Last September 27, my husband and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary.  Yes, 10th!  Man, that makes me feel like a hundred years old.

We chose to celebrate it in our own usual style , quietly,  in one of our favorite places in the country – Karlovy Vary.




044 (2)


Karlovy Vary is a spa town about two hours west of Prague.  We were here in 2005 for a day and it was love at first sight for me.  This time we stayed for three days in Hotel Ontario after reading good reviews about it from Tripadvisor.  That’s the one right smack in the middle of the above photo.






I lost count at the number of hot springs there are in this town.  Hot spring water is available for drinking at every corner and for free, of course.  Cute mugs are sold everywhere which you can also take home as souvenirs.



Hot spring here, there, everywhere!  This geyser on top photo is so hot it felt like being in a sauna a few meters near it.



Ten years passed by in a blink of an eye.  Marriage, not to mention interracial one,  is hard work.  I’m just really lucky to have found a partner who is committed to make it work as I am, and a husband who definitely gets the saying “happy wife, happy life” to the core.  😉





At night, the town is even more romantic.  You can walk on cobbled, lamp-lit streets, dine by the river or even just open your balcony door to take in such a picturesque night scene.  I love this place to bits.

To Karlovy Vary and to everyone out there celebrating their wedding anniversary – na zdraví!

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