Ruffle skirt for all seasons

It was a rare sunny day yesterday.  The autumn weather in Prague is like my mood when I’m hormonal – you’ll never know what happens next.  I actually gave up on checking  the forecast because the weatherman seems to be only doing guesswork which any of us can probably do better.  But anyway, that’s not the point of this post.  I just really tend to ramble when I start typing.  The point is the skirt I was wearing.



This is the very first skirt I’ve ever sewn.  It’s two years old and I wear it all seasons through.  The fabric is not too heavy for summer and not too light for winter which makes it perfect for any weather.  That and the fact that I get an extra amount of respect from the little girls at school whenever I wear this skirt because “it looks like Barbie’s.”  They’d sometimes draw a picture of me in this skirt with a sparkly tiara on.  Pretty hilarious considering they’ve seen me in it about a thousand times already.




My husband and I were actually on our way to have a look at a construction site and neighborhood of this apartment we are thinking of buying.  It’s from the same trusted company that built the one we have right now.  Buying it means selling the one we currently own.  I wonder if we’ll have the courage to leave this ideal neighborhood we love so much for a roomy and  much bigger apartment.  We’ll see.




For this skirt’s tutorial, please click here.   It’s so easy to do you’ll be done in no time. Promise.

Credits to my husband dearest for the pretty shots.


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2 Responses to Ruffle skirt for all seasons

  1. Arielle says:

    So beautiful!! Love the outfit ❤

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