Side trip to Loket

Before heading home to Prague from Karlovy Vary, we made a side trip to a charming town called Loket where a castle of the same name sits high and mighty on a hill.  We were blessed with a very good autumn weather, so warm we didn’t need sweaters on.  Days like this make me start to love this season more and more.

Czech Republic has so many castles and chateaus it might be hard to decide which one is the prettiest or the most impressive.  Pernstejn has always been my top favorite and after visiting Loket, the second place in my favorite castle list has been filled in.




071It’s not just the castle that is pretty but the whole town as well.  Casino Royale was partly filmed here and I say the aerial shots of the town in the film were beautiful.

There was an organized motorcade of jaw-dropping vintage cars when we stopped by. Yes, my jaw did drop at the sight of those exquisitely made classic cars though I’m not a car person.  The whole motorcade thing added glitz and glamour to the atmosphere, as if James Bond would pop out from one of the cars and start talking to a blond assassin in the crowd in his lazy drawl.  Duh, my imagination.



086125There are guided tours for €5.50 per adult but I think it’s only done in Czech.  If you’re not so much into guided tours like me, you can just walk around the castle grounds as well as take in the beautiful view of the fortress by going down to the river.

This place is so photogenic all you need is to point and shoot.  No changing of the lens or photoshop needed later.  Just be aware of photobombers in your midst, hehe.

092 (2)




The residents of the castle are so cute we played with them a bit.  One side is fenced for them to roam around and graze freely.   Definitely not a bad place to live, I must say.




123When you’re in the country or near Karlovy Vary, do include this place in your itinerary.  It would make a great day/side trip.

Have a great weekend!  Leaving you with a short video of Loket from Casino Royale I found at YouTube.  xoxo

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