I’m writing this after spending the whole day lazing around in my pajamas.  The hectic time of wrapping and unwrapping presents, baking cookies, cooking meals and going to parties left and right, is over.  It’s time to enjoy the weekend before going back to the normal routine, and as always I’m left in a zoombie-like state when the high of the busiest holiday of the year comes to an end.

Now I’m left musing how time does fly, how a two-week Christmas break can just pass by in a blur of festivities.  We’re in the start of 2015 (which sounded like a sci-fi movie a couple of decades back)  and I can only wish for everyone to have a good year ahead.

On lazy days like this, I bring to the table my quick fixes.  One of my favorites to eat and to prepare is what the Czechs call chlebiček or sandwich.  Chlebičky (sandwiches) are also popular here as party food and are staple for Christmas and New Year celebrations.


What you need:

  • sliced bread or baguette
  • shaved ham
  • sliced boiled eggs
  • sliced pickles
  • julienned red pepper
  • butter
  • salad *

*  I usually buy straight from the grocery what the Czechs call Parisian salad.  It’s just a mixture of thinly sliced ham, peas, and lots of mayo so it’s no sweat to prepare it on your own.

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To prepare the sandwich,  butter the bread then top it with the rest of the ingredients.  You can play around how you want it to look.  I like mine pretty so I always turn the ham looking like a pink rose.

And there you have your breakfast, snack or dinner.  I usually don’t consider them filling enough for lunch but after a week of binge eating,  I’ll probably stick to salads, fruits and chlebičky for a while.



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