When it comes to clothes and shoes,  I believe in love at first sight.

The first time I saw a photo of Flutter by Papercut Patterns, I knew it had to be in my wardrobe.  It was 8:30 in the morning and I was forcing myself to wake up so I grabbed my phone and browsed my Instagram half asleep.  I don’t even remember how I got to hashtag papercutpatterns but suddenly, a photo of this wonderful top/tunic was staring at me in its fluttery glory.

DSC_0193 (4)

DSC_0190 (2)


DSC_0139 (3)

DSC_0192 (2)
I wanted to make a mid-length tunic with this white see-thru fabric.  Lining it also came to my mind so I wouldn’t have to wear a chemise underneath.  Such grand plans came crumbling down when I realized the design requires over a meter of fabric and I only had one available.  Oh well, next time then.

This top is size XXS.  I bought a PDF version as I couldn’t wait another day to get my hands on the pattern.  Their sizing is spot on.  The only thing I had to adjust, which is in no way the fault of the pattern and can only be blamed to my mild scoliosis, was the right shoulder seam allowance.  I had to add half a centimeter more for a perfect fit.

It’s not my habit to check out the social media right after waking up but I’m glad I did at that time.  This pattern is my most favorite to date.  I can think of so many ways to play around it.  Tunics and shifts are my favorites to wear especially in fall and winter. Just wear tights and undershirts and you’re set to start your day fashionably.

DSC_0123 (2)



 Pattern:  Flutter by Papercut Patterns

Location:  John Lennon Wall and Mala Strana, Prague, CZ


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16 Responses to Flutter

  1. Marianne says:

    love this tunic

  2. chuichoy says:

    So pretty and it looks so airy and comfortable! Especially digging the V shape in the back, didn’t expect it. As usual, such awesome pictures. Did I already ask if you take these pictures?

    • marialeila says:

      Thanks! It’s my current favorite top.I wash and wear it again and again. 😀 My husband is my photographer and our photoshoot usually takes about 10 minutes, tops hehe

      • chuichoy says:

        That’s awesome! and wow you’re so lucky your husband is willing to be your photographer. Haha I always nag my bf to take pics and ask him to take a bazillion. Doesn’t look quite as nice though!

      • marialeila says:

        At first he was like my human tripod – I set the camera and tell him the exact angles I want. But lately he’s been doing everything himself and all I have to do is try to not look constipated. Try it with your bf, nag some more haha!

  3. qplourde says:

    Such a beautiful top! Great job.

  4. springystitches says:

    This is beautiful and I need this top in my life! Thanks for sharing – I’m off to buy this now!!

  5. Love love. Thanks for sharing

  6. sewloveable says:

    I love this top…..great job!!

  7. Abigail says:

    Cool pictures! I love this top!

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