Another shift dress

The last two weeks were unbearably hot here in the Czech Republic.  My husband and I were taking our walks at midnight because that was the only time the temperature went down to a merciful 28°C.  Those days we mostly stayed inside the apartment with the blinds down to help keep the temperature low or we spent a few days in the summer-house where the abundance of trees around made the heat less stifling.

This dress is just right for hot summer weather.  It’s light with plenty of room to move around.  I used the Sorbetto pattern and just lengthened it to a dress, ditching the pleat in the middle.  I also added front pockets for a more classic look using the pattern for Laurel.  Yeah, the result is a Sorbetto-Laurel hybrid, perfect for country living.

DSC_0084 (3)
DSC_0080 (3)DSC_0114

DSC_0086 (4)
The fabric is a left over from my previous Laurel pullover top project.  It fades quite fast which explains why I got it really cheap.  I don’t mind, though.  This dress is serving me well this season and it’s a quick make.  Thank goodness the temperature has dropped to a cool 18-21°C since Monday.  Now I wear it with a cardigan.  It’s great how it can adjust so well to the mood swings of this year’s very bipolar summer.

By the way, how cute is my photobomber below? The picture is blurry  but I just have to put Luisa’s photobombing debut here.

20150802_114259 (2)

DSC_0096 (3)



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10 Responses to Another shift dress

  1. This is so cute. Nice color choice for summer. Thanks for sharing.🌼👗✂

  2. What a great dress! So cute!

  3. mari says:

    Very nice :0) I enjoy making these also. They are just so comfortable and excellent to wear with cardigans and long sleeve shirts …they take you into Autumn quite well :0) mari

  4. sileas says:

    It’s a cute, summer-ish dress! And I like pink 😉

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