Flutter in Winter

DSC_0349 (2)DSC_0421 (2)

Am I obsessed with this pattern or what?  This is the fourth time I’ve sewn Flutter,  three for me and one for a friend.  I love how you can finish this tunic or top in a day.  I also love how comfortable it is, how I can wear it at school  without feeling overdressed sitting on the floor trying to make several munchkins concentrate on an activity, and still feeling feminine and stylish.  Stylish and pre-school may not rhyme for other people, but I’m one of those who have to be satisfied with how they’re dressed so they function properly at work.  My mantra is ” Do good, feel good, look good,” but the sequence gets jumbled oftentimes.  Heh.

I wanted to finish this tunic just in time for a pre New Year party with friends.  The theme was shiny, shimmery, splendidly blue.  (That’s what happens when a self- appointed organizer gets high on white flower or efficascent oil haha).  I thought I would just accessorize it well and it would be perfect for the occasion.  It could have been if I had the energy to have it done on time.  Shoulda, woulda, coulda are the last words of a procrastinating seamstress.

DSC_0351 (3)

DSC_0365 (3)

The fabric is a lightweight cotton that’s quite slippery and stretchy.  I don’t know what it’s exactly called except that it’s a pain to sew.  Annoyingly, the two back pieces ended up in differently lengths.  Beats me how it happened considering how meticulous I am with the cutting and all.  Even with all the adjustments I did, I still ended up with an asymmetrical tunic with a back seam that stubbornly swerves to the left.

Note to self: be wary of fabrics that are suspiciously cheap.  I guess for less than €4, this one is expected to act up.  I shouldn’t also be bitching about it since I got it for free hehe. Thanks, Marianne! Yes, this is the one you bought for me at Látky Mráz.

DSC_0388 (2)

DSC_0445 (2)

So it finally snowed a lot in Prague.  Last month was pretty warm with the day temperature abnormally reaching 16°C.  Everyone thought winter would never happen, even the plants and animals.  The trees were flowering thinking it was already spring, the birds seemed to have delayed or cancelled their trip down south, and the kids at school grumbled why they were going to a winter camp when there was no snow.  You bet a lot of people squealed in delight when the landscape finally transformed into a white wonderland.  Me being the loudest.

These photos were taken today at the woods near our apartment.  Good thing my photographer, aka my husband,  has already recovered from a two-week sickness to be out for a very quick photo shoot.  The temperature was -1°C so kids, don’t try this at home.

DSC_0399 (3)

DSC_0503 (4)

DSC_0478 (3)

Happy 2016 everyone!  May this year be our best ever!


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8 Responses to Flutter in Winter

  1. sileas says:

    Wow I love the pattern and the vivid blue! Gives a great contrast with the snow!

  2. tychoandmarie says:


  3. This tunic is so pretty, even if the fabric gave you problems, I think it came out great!! Such a pretty color, especially against that beautiful snowy background! Love how you styled it as well. Happy New Year!

  4. What beautiful photos!

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