Handmade presents: cosmetic bags

Now that Christmas is over, it’s safe to slowly start posting some of the items I sewed for friends and family, some as presents while a couple are dresses two friends wanted to wear for Christmas and/or New Year.

For presents,  I sewed a lot of cosmetic bags in different fabrics and sizes.  Adi and I did well this year as our Christmas presents were all ready at the beginning of December.  The only drawback is that I dilly-dallied in taking photos of my makes thinking I had so much time for it then totally forgot about it.  Good thing I was able to snatch photos of the ones for my sister-in-law, just a few minutes before driving to the in-laws’ place for Christmas.

DSC_0275 (2)




The pattern is again from So Sew Easy.  To make a smaller bag,  I just took an inch off from the original dimension.  These two fit perfectly well together.

I can’t stress it enough that I love handmade items.  The time and energy given to create them is what makes each item so special.  In a world where everything moves at a breakneck speed, time is the best gift you could ever give to someone, right? Right!!!  * That’s about a thousand of  my clones agreeing in unison.*

How was your holiday sewing been like?  Mine isn’t over as I thought.  There’s still this blue dress glaring at me.  I promised to finish it today so I could wear it to a party tomorrow but after a sleepless night (maybe I ate too much nuts in my cookies that I couldn’t sleep?), even glaring back at it is already draining me out.   We’ll see.

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