Spring in Prague

It’s a nice surprise that this weekend has been so warm.  It was snowing just a few days ago it seemed spring had no plans of showing up just yet.  But it did come in a blaze of glory and just like that the world is alive again.

Be warned, this post is flooded with photos.














My memory of my first spring in Prague is blurry but there was one moment that stood out clearly.  It was the first real warm day and my husband came home from work early and excitedly said we should go for a walk.  “Walk? Why?,” was my reply.  If you’re a Filipino I don’t have to explain my puzzled reply to the husband who in return was also puzzled at my lack of interest.  In the Philippines the sun is just there, it’s almost always present you don’t mind when it’s absent for a few days.  And we don’t walk, we take the jeepney.

Now it’s me who constantly checks the weather forecast so we could plan where we’ll go on weekends when it’s warm. We initially thought of going outside the city but later decided not to join the exodus of cars heading out of the exits last Friday.  We ended up just going for a very long walk around our neighborhood where the first six photos above were taken. The other seven were taken yesterday at Petrin Hill where you can get a good bird’s-eye view of the city.

Prague has been my home for ten years now  I tend to take it for granted sometimes, and when I do pay attention, I am always awed at how beautiful it is.


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