Laurel and me

Presenting my second Laurel!  This time I’ve sewn this shift dress in a blue polka dot fabric for a more classic look.  Though I found a way to adjust the bust part by extending the back darts up, the neckline still came out a bit big for me.  But the overall outcome leaves me pretty satisfied and yes, mighty proud of this dress.







052While my first Laurel dress took days to finish, this one was done quite fast. The only thing that gave me a bit of a headache was the pattern itself.  I cut it to the smallest size and yet the bust part still came out loose.  This is always my problem with American brands. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that I’m experiencing the same thing with this pattern.  But if there’s a will, there’s a way, right?  So I extended the back darts almost all the way up and it somehow fixed the problem.  At least next time I know exactly what to do.

As for the photos, they were taken yesterday when my husband and I went for a walk.  To take photos of me and Laurel was actually just an afterthought. Good thing I grabbed a pair of peep-toe shoes on our way out for a possible photo-op because these spring blooms were just too pretty to pass up.

Eternal credits to Spring for the perfect background and to the photographer dearest for embracing my eccentricities.


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  1. Love this! The fit is great and that fabric is adorable!

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