Royally blue in Konopiště

Confused and confusing, that’s how I usually describe the spring weather.  It swings from hot and cold so fast it’s giving me whiplash.  I always find myself either overdressed or underdressed for the weather.  And with this constant battle to fit in the middle,  I find massive scarves as my knights in shining and colorful armor.








This royal blue scarf is the result of my epic defeat from the high and mighty knit.  I bought over two meters of this fabric  thinking it would make a gorgeous dress.  I’m sure it would if I knew how to sew with stretch knits in the first place.  Turns out it’s one of those fabrics I should be staying away from for now.  I still couldn’t look at this scarf without remembering how I stubbornly tried  for hours changing needles, cleaning the feed dog, ripping, sewing, ripping again until I finally gave up hopes on having a royal blue knit dress anytime soon.

But this scarf is becoming one of my favorites.  It’s warm and big enough to engulf me when it’s chilly.  When we went to Konopiště Castle last weekend, the forecast said it would be a warm day but if there’s one thing I can advise you, it’s to never trust the weather forecast in the Czech Republic.

Konopiště is one of the castles near Prague.  The grounds are covered with probably over a hundred year old trees, magnolias and rhododendrons that are a sight to behold in spring, and  a beautiful rose garden that is such an eye candy in summer.  What sets this castle apart from the rest is probably the interior.  We went in for the weapons and armory tour, and my jaw dropped to the floor.  I only picked it up after an hour when we were heading towards the exit door.

I still hold my ground and say it’s one of my favorite castles, but I shiver at the thought of how many animals held prey at the hands of Konopiště’s noblemen.  It’s paradoxical how the trees and the surrounding plants seemed to have flourished from human care yet the castle’s interior holds an eerie testament of how some of us can choose to destroy life, you know, for fun.


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