I was told by a six-year-old boy at school that I shouldn’t wear black all the time.  “You have black hair so you should wear light colors like yellow, blue or green.  Or pink!  I think you’ll look pretty in pink.” So when the sakuras started to bloom in our neighborhood and I remembered I have a long pink fabric I bought in the Philippines last year, I took his advice to my sewing machine and sewed myself this pink baby.











I know, I know, another Laurel though this time it’s a pullover top and not a dress.  It’s not that I’m head over heels with this pattern, it’s just really my style to stick to something that works.  I like that it makes classic and functional pieces that are easy to style or pair with what’s already in my wardrobe.  Here I paired it with my current favorite skirt from Camaieu, and a polka dot bow belt that’s also handmade by me.

My apologies to Colette team if I was whining about how big the bust part was for me.  I realized when I made this top that maybe I just didn’t follow the standard seam allowance (hello there, inches) especially when stitching the shoulders together.   Other than shortening the sleeves and top-stitching the bias tapes instead of the pain- in- the- neck -I try- to -avoid slip-stitching, I followed the instructions to a tee this time.  Yep, I’m quite satisfied with the result.

Anywho, aren’t these sakuras pretty? No need to go to Japan, there are over 30 trees lined just across our apartment complex.   Funny how I seemed to be the only one in our neighborhood interested in taking photos when tourists flock in Japan just to admire these lovelies at springtime.

So yeah, pink.  I’m ready for Pink Day at school next week.  Wonder what the little munchkin would say?

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2 Responses to Pink

  1. marialeila says:

    Thanks! Yes, he’s cute and hilarious. 🙂

  2. chuichoy says:

    What a cute little boy, and he’s right! Pretty top and backdrop 🙂

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