Sorbetto X Red

If I had to stick to my own style, it would be the usual European all-black ensemble with a splash of color on my bag or scarf.  It’s only lately that I’m trying to deviate from that route because too much of the same thing is never exciting.

There’s one bright color though that I find difficult to like or hard to incorporate in my ootds:  red.  It has never been, and maybe, will never be a favorite of mine.  I’m in awe of those women who can rock this color because when I wear it myself I feel like I’m all over the place screaming “me, me, meeee” for attention.   But when it came to finding a good match for my newly sewn Sorbetto top, the red pants that I had forgotten I own won hands down.










It took me a while to figure out what to do with this fabric given to me by my husband’s Aunt.  I only had about a meter of it and I wasn’t in love with the prints at first.  I thought it was better suited as a throw pillow case until last week when I saw it differently.

I’m glad I’ve given this fabric a go because I’m so happy with the result!  I used a maroon bias tape to go with it since olive seems to agree more with bright colors.  I’m loving the Sorbetto pattern.  It’s so easy to follow, and yay, for free!  Other than adjusting the shoulder seams, size zero is a perfect fit for me.  You bet I’ll be making more of this top in different prints anytime soon.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but the red pants do look good in the photos.  The universe really has a weird sense of humor.


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6 Responses to Sorbetto X Red

  1. Love this top! And red looks fantastic on you!!!

  2. chuichoy says:

    I usually feel the same about wearing red but you’re rocking it, the whole outfit 🙂 The bias tape makes the colors in the top stand out more too, so pretty!

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