Floral belt

I have a few scraps of this fabric from a Laurel I’m making for a friend. I hate tossing things when they can still be useful so I turned  them into a belt. It’s similar to this bow belt I made before except this time I decided to skip the bow part because I have a lot of hair accessories from Happy Hair Bows that I can use for embellishments even on belts. Instead of hooks and eyes, I also used press studs for securing the belt in place.

This little project only took 20 minutes, tops. I think this belt and this silver/ gray bow make a really cute accessory for this straight-cut blue dress that I wore last Monday. It was my husband’s birthday and we celebrated it by having dinner in one of his favorite restaurants somewhere at the Old Town.









One of my favorite things to do in Prague whenever I have the time is to walk aimlessly around the center through quiet and narrow streets away from where the tourists flock. The best thing to do this is at night after dinner when the cobbled streets are lamp-lit and mostly empty.  You have this feeling that the whole fairytale-like city is yours  and what more if you have your knight  in neatly pressed polo shirt walking along with you?

Just a friendly reminder to wear flats when in Prague.  High heels are sexy but they look painful on cobblestones.


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2 Responses to Floral belt

  1. Cute! Goes great with that dress! Did you use any stabilizer/interfacing?

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