Adi in a tee

In everything you do, you need an unwavering support of someone to get to where you want to be.  Be it a simple hobby or a complicated task that involves moving mountains, it’s easier to walk the straight and narrow when someone’s beside you.

Meet that someone in my life — my husband Adi wearing the first ever t-shirt I sewed.

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I did it, I finally conquered my fear of knits!  I was agonizing over it for a few days because the free t-shirt pattern I found requires this particular fabric I was trying to avoid.  I got burned by it after an epic fail in sewing a royal blue asymmetrical dress.   Turns out all I had to do was read and  follow the instructions on my manual on how to sew stretchy fabrics.  Duh.   To go head on without so much preparation is indeed my favorite mistake.

The pattern is from Melly Sews. So many generous people online!  You have to subscribe to her newsletter to download the pattern.   Once you’re subscribed you can actually access a LOT of her free patterns.  Go there, quick!

No major pattern adjustment for me as her husband is also a size M.  I only cut an additional 1/2″ for the neckline so it won’t be so tight, which means adding 1/2″ to the rib knit neck-band.  I also shortened the bottom by 1/2″ just so I would have enough fabric for the sleeves. I’ll make sure to buy more than the required dimension of the fabric next time.




This t-shirt is far from perfect.  The bottom hem has a mind of its own and stubbornly curls up despite my effort in ironing it down. Tricks on how to tame it?   The sleeves are far from nicely hemmed as well.  But it’s good enough for my husband.  He’s a proud owner of this shirt.

I find it extra sweet of him to wear it almost straight from my sewing machine and to pose for this post.  He has no social media account and prefers to be not in the photos, yet he’s allowed his face to be plastered here.  For me.  For this craft I’m falling head over heels with.    The every day gestures of love aren’t accompanied by an orchestra playing celestial music.  They come quietly, sometimes in a form of t-shirt and the one that wears it.

Pattern:  T-shirt for men by Melly Sews

Location:  Deblin, Czech Republic


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